GRPD Staff


A native of the Metro Detroit area Michael Raymond came to Grand Rapids in 1981 after working in Radio Broadcasting in Detroit, Cadillac, and then Grand Rapids at WJFM. From radio, he migrated into what would be a long relationship with the food industry calling on many restaurants and distributive outlets in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Ohio over many years. Ironically, the first sales position he held was selling corrugated Pizza boxes in West Michigan. In 2004, Michael opened his current location as a franchise of a West Michigan pizza chain. As a franchise, they began catering to requests for local, fresh and specialty items not available as part of the franchise. After 5 years and many requests they opted out of the franchise to form GRPD, Grand Rapids Pizza and Delivery in April of 2009. A very hands on person, Michael shares a love of food, developed in his Mother’s kitchen at an early age, and enjoys creating contrasting and interesting combinations of flavors. He carries a Serve Safe Certification, and has developed many of the entrée items, and credits his family, his employees, and his clients with inspiration of others.


Paula is a native of Grand Rapids, and is our “numbers” person, works with coupon vendors, payroll and in training materials. In addition to her position with our company, she is a 35 year corporate employee of Meijer Inc, in the IT department. She is also holds a Serve safe Certification. Paula spreads her time between a corporate career, GRPD, family life and keeping 3 grandchildren occupied. However, Paula’s greatest challenge is being married to the owner for over 33+ years. That by itself is a full time job!


Nic Raymond, has been involved in Pizza for over 18 years. He has worked for several notable Pizza franchise operations of Detroit and West Michigan origin. And holds a Serve Safe Certification. Nic took some time off from the pizza industry a few years ago to serve his country as a Navy Corpsman, Petty officer 3rd class attached to the 1st Marine Battalion here in Grand Rapids. Nic has traveled to Japan and the Philippines on humanitarian missions. Nic is one of a select few to receive The Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal. Currently back in Grand Rapids, Nic lends his skills training new employees, filling in where needed, and as acting in a Supervisory capacity.


When Mike is away, Sabrina manages day to day operations of the pizzeria.  Sabrina has experience with several pizza franchises, but prefers working with a locally owned pizzeria.  Sabrina has been with GRPD for multiple years.  In addition to her manager duties for us, she manages her life as a parent to 4 children.


Our Chef consultant, Cody Raymond was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, an upraising that paved the way to a career in the culinary arts. Cody’s resume is loaded with experience in several noteworthy restaurants: Schnitzelbank, Gibson’s, and The Peninsular Club, in Grand Rapids, and La Strada in Illinois. However his experience all began under the supervision of his grandmother in their kitchen, assisting his father, Michael at food shows , and a creative spirit to try new things, that would translate into a career.  Cody is married to Brittney and has 3 children already learning the culinary ropes. When not spending family time, Cody, is currently the Executive Chef for Maple Creek retirement community.  As parents we are proud of his culinary achievements and we are fortunate enough to have him consult with us regularly on recipes, menu ideas and several items of his creation are on our menu.


James has been involved directly or indirectly with the Pizzeria since its start up in 2004. He has 2 years of culinary training and has worked in multiple capacities for us. His primary love is security, and that has translated in to working for several area restaurants, the City of Grand Rapids, a national armored car service, and security for a retirement community.. He also does a lot of public relations work for us. James is also responsible for the creation of the knuckle sandwich.


Pat Raymond loves to cook. At 90 years young however, she does not occupy much time in the kitchen in her retirement years, her influence is reflected on her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Her constant patience, perseverance and encouragement are her legacy to us. Our Spaghetti and Marinara sauce is a direct influence of Pat’s own home recipe, in which we adopted the use of local beer and local ingredients. Of course no one makes it quite like Mom does (although we are darn close).