Our Story

We opened our current Grand Rapids location in 2004. We were the first established pizzeria in the Heritage Hill district. In choosing our location we saw a community need for a pizzeria, or a common meeting area for local folks, business professionals and college students, a place where one could gather for a quick meal or a reflective lunch.

Over the years as our business grew, our customers began asking for items and making special requests which incorporated, fresh ingredients and we began using local butchers, and vendors to stay close to the community. During the first few years were flexible enough to recognize that need, but were limited in our response to the many requests we received due to a franchise commitment. In 2009 with the support of our family, friends, and community we choose to rename our store Grand Rapids Pizza and Delivery (GRPD), and the response from everyone was humbling, flattering and gratifying.

Our ability to listen to our customer’s ideas and where practical and profitable, to incorporate them into the development of our business has had a definite impact on our growth. We began with 12 sandwich offerings and now we have 25, we started with 5 specialty pizzas and now offer 19. Our menu has swelled with customer input.

We have also made a few celebrity friends in our culinary adventure. We have served food to the Rockettes, Bob Seger’s road crew, Kenny Chesney and Company , and countless other entertainers. We have garnered awards for Best Pizza several years in a row from the readers of On the Town Magazine. We hope that you will also come to appreciate the fresh tastes that have brought us so much response from the public in a short number of years.